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What's in store for you in 2022?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

ok, we’ll get to the 2022 spread but first if you’re looking for a simple yet effective Daily Tarot Journal I just released one on Amazon!

When we do Tarot readings we are not usually looking to get a prediction of the future necessarily. Instead, we are looking to help gain an understanding of what lies ahead so that we can explore themes and find ways to combat and or embrace these challenges.

I hold the belief that everything in life is not predestined. Although there are many things that are outside of our control, what we do have within our control is our ability respond to the many challenges that life throws are way.

For the spread I created below I suggest the following steps, remember these are my recommendations, feel free to do whatever you feel is right for you.

  • Ground yourself

  • Surround yourself with protective white light

  • Take a few relaxing breaths

  • Shuffle your Tarot deck with the intention to get the clearest and most helpful responses

  • When you feel as though you are done shuffling, hold the deck in your right hand. Does it feel good? If not continue shuffling.

  • When it feels right, take a look at the bottom of your deck and take a note of that card. This card represents what you are feeling and state of being at this very moment. Reflect on this card a while.

  • Lay your cards down in the top row left to right

  • Place the card in the middle

  • Lay the cards on the bottom row left to right

  • Flip the cards over in the same order

  • After you are through with your reading take a moment to see if there is an overrepresentation of a specific suit.

  • How many Major Arcana are present?

  • How are the figures interacting with each other?

  • Is there a number or numbers over represented? Take a look into the numerology of that number.

  • Have fun! I'd love to hear how the spread worked out for you!

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