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Full Moon in Libra 'Worm Moon' 2021

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Did you know they call it the Worm Moon because it is a time of year where the worms start to emerge to the surface of the softening soil. It is a time of year where the earth is starting to wake up in the Northern Hemisphere. With the Full Moon in Libra areas of our life where we need to instill balance and justice are in the spot light.

Today we have the full moon in At 8 degrees Libra. This full moon is opposing Venus in Aries. The sign of Libra represents balance and justice. With Venus in the headstrong sign of Aries making an opposition to the Full moon in Libra one of the things you can ask yourself is, “Where am I out of balance and leading too much with my head instead of my heart?”. Especially with Asteroid Chiron the Wounded Healer closely conjunct Venus, we might be allowing past wounds and pain to dictate current and future plans.

I will be doing this spread today and I am curious if the cards I draw align with the house in my natal chart where Libra is. I am a Taurus rising and Libra is my 6th house using whole sign houses. The 6 house themes are: work, wellness, routines & pets.

Do you know which house the full moon is happening for you? Do you see any correlation?

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