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Marigold Mornings Featured in March issue of World of Decks publication

The Marigold Morning Affirmation Deck was featured in the March issue of World of Decks publication! Check out my deck along with other amazing indie decks in this issue. Read about it here!

Have you preordered your copy of the Marigold Mornings Affirmation Deck? You have until March 13. 2021 to place your preorder in either my Etsy Shop or here on my website.

This is a 54 card self published Affirmation Oracle deck illustrated and authored by me. Each card has a unique watercolor painted image and a short powerful affirmation. This deck was designed to be used in conjunction with Tarot readings or alone by anyone who desires to improve their life. This deck encourages self love and acknowledging that you are perfect just the way you are.

Get your copy today and support an independent artist and self published deck!


Decks are available in two sizes. Each deck comes with a handmade custom lined deck bag and small wooden easel to display your card of the day.

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