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Unlock the Mystery of Tarot One Card at a Time

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Are you overwhelmed by all the Tarot cards you drew for your morning reading? We've all been there, you get your new Tarot deck and you start pulling cards left and right and next thing you know you have a huge spread of cards in front of you. Most often you forgot what you asked, you have no idea which position the cards are in and you are totally lost. If this sounds familiar I've got some helpful tips for you!

If you are new to reading Tarot I suggest pulling only one card at a time until you learn the traditional card meanings. Ask a question or just simply pull one card in the morning to see what your day ahead will look like. Put the card in front of you. This single card holds a lot of meaning and value that you might miss if you start to pull too many cards. Look at the card and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What stands out as soon as I look at this card?

  2. What feelings did I have in my body when I looked at this card?

  3. Did any memories, sounds, images pop into my head after I drew this card?

  4. How does the image on the card make me feel?

  5. What colors stand out in this card?

  6. Are there animals or plants in this card?

  7. Is it a major or minor arcana?

  8. Is it a court card?

  9. What suit is the card?

  10. What symbols are present in the card?

  11. How is this card related to astrology?

  12. How is this card related to numerology?

  13. What is the traditional meaning of this card?

  14. What intuitive meaning comes to mind when I see this card?

  15. What elements are in this card? Earth, Air, Fire Water?

As you can see there are at least 15 questions you can ask yourself just with ONE single Tarot card. The more you practice doing this the easier it gets and you will start to notice certain things that just jump out or appear more important when you draw your card. Once you feel you have a good handle on reading a single card start to add another card. Do everything in steps 1-15 but now ask yourself how these two energies blend together? How are the figures interacting with each other? Are they facing towards or away from each other?

Most importantly enjoy yourself and have fun!

Still need a starter deck? I hands down recommend the Rider Waite Smith deck. The RWS deck will put you on the fast track to mastering the Tarot card meanings!

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